Is this laptop the best deal: Dell Studio XPS Laptop


Limp Gawd
Dec 14, 2005
I cannot find the following specs in a 900$ laptop. I am willing to spend a little more if the extra expense is justified. I also will be looking to purchase a 2-3 year accidental damage warranty:

The things that caught my eye were the P8600, DDR3 ram, and a 320 GB 7200 RPM hard drive.

I also read that this model has heat issues like many dells due to an incompatible motherboard, but can supposedly be remedied with a BIOS update. Or at the very least, by decreasing the performance level/power consumption.

I am looking to see your opinions as well as possible alternative suggestions.



Mar 9, 2000
From what I have read, most of the people that have been complaining about the heat on the Studio XPS 13 have the SLI configuration. I'm guessing that when you switch it over to power saving mode that it disables the 9200M and just keeps the 9400M on. I currently have access to one with just the 9400M like the one that you have linked and consider the air that is being exhausted out to be pretty warm although I am only used to using laptops with integrated(Intel) graphics.