Is there an Eyefinity Compatible Game Chart anywhere?


Sep 10, 2004
As the title says, is there an Eyefinity Compatible Game chart anywhere on [H] or online? What I'm looking for exactly is something along the lines of "Game A works in Eyefinity without any modifications", "Game B works, but these changes have to be made" or "Game C isn't compatible with Eyefinity no matter what."

I know that there is a list somewhere on AMDs site, but from all the reviews I've seen not all games that are listed as compatible are actually compatible. I've also seen that for some games such as Doom3/Prey2/Quake 4, a change in some DLL files is needed in order to get Eyefinity.

I'm going to be going Eyefinity later this month so wanted to kind of know ahead of time what games will support it and/or what games I'll have to modify in some way to get Eyefinity to work.