Is there a way to change selection of multi-monitor for hyper-v VM?


Feb 19, 2004
My host computer is Win10 Pro, and it has a Win10 Pro VM setup in Hyper-V that I use to remote into my work computer (don't want company having access to host). I also have 4 "monitors". The quotes are because 2 of the 4 are just additional screens wirelessly connected via Space Desk. My main monitor is an AOC 32" 4k screen running off my 2060KO. The second monitor is a super old Dell (1280x1024) running off the Intel integrated graphics. The space desk screens are a galaxy tab A 10.1 (900x1440) and my Asus N73JQ laptop (1600x900).

Normally I just run the hyper-v VM in full screen enhanced session mode, and generally speaking this runs fine. But there are times when I'd really like to keep one monitor on my host desktop (e.g., monitoring my surveillance cameras, doing background processing of files, etc). I don't see any way to set the number of monitors for hyper-v to use. The settings basically give me the options of using 1 or using all.

I was reading online that you can hardcode an RDC file for using any combo of monitors, but I'm not connecting to the VM with RDC. I'm using the hyper-v manager. When i try to setup an RDC, I get an error saying my computer is already connected to a console or something of that nature. I'm not even sure that using RDC is the right thing here considering there's nothing remote about it.

Is there any way to do this with my monitors? I want 3 out of the 4 to display the VM in full screen enhanced session and the 4th to remain on the host desktop. The 4th monitor can't be my 32" 4k monitor though; i need that for work. Any way to configure this with PIP? My 32" 4k can do PIP with another input.
I just installed this and messed around a bit. I'm not seeing a way to dedicate specific tasks/programs to select monitors. You can designate a single monitor or all monitors, but not anywhere in the middle. You can disable a monitor, but that completely cuts off the signal. It also doesn't seem to have any kind of wireless connectivity function like Space Desk, meaning I'd need to use this in addition to Space Desk to get the tablet and my laptop connected as 3rd and 4th monitors. If I'm wrong here, let me know. I was scanning through the menu options, and I didn't see these options.