Is there a program or driver that will let you fine tune overscan?


Jul 20, 2004
I'm wondering if there is a program or hacked driver (for AMD or Nvidia) that will let you fine tune your video card's overscan size?

The reason I am asking is because I have an HTPC currently with an integrated AMD Radeon HD 4250 GPU and I cannot fine tune the overscan satisfactorily. I have found that the overscan utilities that come with both the AMD and Nvidia drivers to not do what I need.

I'm hoping there is some kind of program similar to the display size tuner in XBMC that lets you move arrows in the corner of your screen for the top left and bottom right corners so you can dial it in perfectly instead of just a percentage of the overall size.

I also have an Nvidia GT430 I can use if there is a program that works with Nvidias.