Is the Shuttle SN95G5V3 my only option?


Sep 7, 2000
I've been contemplating a SFF system for a while now, and would like to make the plunge. However, after doing some research, the only Socket 939 SFF system with AGP seems to be the Shuttle XPC SN95G5V3. I've found mATX boards for 939, but most appear to be PCI-E, and purchaing a new video card or cpu is not an option for me at the moment. (Currently have an A64 3200+ and GF6800 in my rig.) As the title suggests, are there any other AGP slot mATX boards or SFF systems coming out soon, or is Shuttle my only option?
Sep 28, 2004
whats so bad about the Shuttle SN95G5 V3? i think its the best SFF (939, AGP) in the market. Just check my signature!!!! this things is awesome, it overclocks easily (but has 250htt(fsb) cap, which wont hold you back because you have a 3200+. Youll have a similiar setup as mine. i get 5537 3Dnark05.


Supreme [H]ardness
Mar 9, 2000
I have SN95G5 V2 and I'm very very happy.

My setup:
Winchester 3000+
2x 512 MB Corsair TWINX cass 2
250 GB 8 MB WD HDD
NEC 3520
6800 GT
what ever in one card reader

It can OC though for dayly use I doo not need to OC it runs all game just fine.

When I was getting it I wanted 939 SFF rfom Shuttle. I was thinking about coming BTX and about PCI-E and and.
Though my budget and common ence made my grafic card choice. So I wanted 6800GT. No hasle no unlocking no neeed to OC but it can doo same things as Ultra.
6800GT beeing native AGP (atleast at that moment) raized question is AGP dead or not?
Then I've though what's speed difference and does it make sence am I going to upgrade PCI-E card or whole system?
I've needed card to play games from today and for tommorow games I will need next gen with next gen system.

So choice was VIA Nforce or recently ATi. NVIDIA card => NForce chipset.
ATI chipset where no go for me cause all I've seen where/are disaster (and according Kyle it is a disaster and I trust Him)
nForce preformance was good to.
I have had G chassis bag and P series where still not avaible so choice was easy.

It's great SFF.