Is the RTX 2080 Ti a "grass greener on the other side" type scenario? Or are you enjoying it?

Look at those 4K RT FPS... totally playable. Not 60 locked, but high 40s/50s. I didn’t even think I was going to be able to entertain RT @ 4K.

Combine that with G-Sync and it's probably quite alright especially for slower paced games where personally I don't really care about the framerate as much as long as it's above 30 fps at all times.
After an impulse bought 2080Ti Black I had a couple moments of FTFO :eek: . I got over it and closed my rig up and have been loving it ever since. It really shames my 1080Ti Founders and it's been largely stable, any issues I had disappeared with the latest driver release.

It was easier for me to swallow a penny under a grand from EVGA than 1200 bucks from Nvidia or 1400+ AIB FE releases. Maybe.... Just maybe, the one I got won't manifest space invaders, light on fire, crash my PC or outright just die one day.... Maybe. Until then I will enjoy it and report back when it shits the bed ;). I kind of expect it to die in spectacular fashion but that's what being a [H]ardware enthusiast is all about no?

I'm replying to myself... Lol. I'm on my second 2080Ti... Both exhibiting the same issues...