is the pivos xios DS any good?


Sep 29, 2002
before anyone asks, yes i have done a bit of goolge searching and so far this looks like it will suit my needs. more so looking for if anyone has any experience or knows if i can pull off what i'm looking for out of a home theater device.

what i'm looking for:
- streaming my media (audio/video) over my network wirelessly. i'll be using a 3TB external HDD, probably hooked up directly to my router.
- 1080p...what what doesn't have that now a days
- ability to emulate NES/SNES games and use usb gamepads.

it looks like this thing will fulfill all those there anything i should know about it before i go buy one? i'm aware that i'll have to get the android app for emulation, but that's no problem.