Is the enough power for a core 2 due?


Feb 5, 2005
Hey everyone,
I was just wanting to get everyones oppinion if a OCZ 450watt modstream would be enough to run the following.

highly overclocked e6300 core 2 duo
2X 500gb WD drives
1X 74 gig raptor
2gb ram
1X dvd-rw drive
Koolance exos

Ok what do you all think? I also have a antec TP 2.0 550 watter, but the OCZ is modular, and is rated really well... So what do yall think? Am I good hear, or do I need more power ???
Sure, it would be more than enough, although if you haven't bought it already I'd recommend some better PSU like Seasonic S12 for example (or Corsair HX 520 if you want modular).
How much do those PSUs run? I already have the 450 modstream andthe 550 TP2.0 So I would rather not buy a new one
How old is the TP 2.0?

I'd use the TP 550 over the Modstream.