Is my OCZ modstream 520 going to be enough?

Apr 17, 2004
I thought that I was going to need a new powersupply for my new rig until I read the requirements of the graphics card and now I think I might be able to get by. Anyway, I'm going to be running a p5b-e on a e6600 with 2gb ram, 2 sata drives, 1 dvd burner, a 8800 GTS, and a couple of case fans. I do plan on doing some heavy overclocking and I wasn't sure if this power supply will do. I'm assuming if I need a new one that I wouldn't need much more power than that though. Any opinions on this?
8800GTS and heavy overclocking? The Modstream 520W has only like 28A on the +12V. I would upgrade.
Please don't tell me Corsair because I won't buy from them.

Why not? You do know that the Corsairs are pretty similar to the Seasonic you linked to (minus the modular interface mostly)... You're missing out on a lot if you skip the Corsairs.
Corsair pissed me off a few years ago and I vowed not to buy anything from them since then. So if it's really close to something that Corsair sells, that's fine with me. Just as long as I'm not paying for their name.
If you want, You can buy a corsair, have it shipped here, and I'll remove the corsair names :p

The S12-EP 550 is a good choice, but it's more expensive than the corsair and isn't modular.
In this time and age, Not a Powerstream. 33a, and such a high pricetag. Not exactly a steller buy.

GXS has the ripple issue. IT's not a huge issue, but with other psu's out there..
My ocz 520W-ADJ is running my 8800gts just fine, even with 3 HDDs. Specs in sig

I'm stepping up to a GTX though and i'm not sure if it'll run that but I guess i'll find out in a couple weeks.