Is my new LCD defective?


Limp Gawd
Nov 10, 2004
I just bought the Sony SDM-S73/B 17" LCD display from newegg. This is the first LCD I have ever owned, so my knowledge and experience is limited. I'm having some issues with the LCD, and I'm wondering if I am not "configuring" the LCD correctly, or if the LCD is just plain defective. (note: I installed the proper driver and my PC is reading it correctly in the display properties.)

1. The text isn't sharp. I wouldn't go so far as to say the picture is "blurry", BUT... the text isn't sharp at all. I keep playing with the PHASE and PITCH option, but I am having no luck.

2. When I have internet explorer or any IM messenger window open on the left side of the LCD, anything colored "white" is clearly "white". But if I drag that same window over to the right side of my display, it turns the same "white" into a light shade of pink. It's not noticeable, but if you look at both windows next to each other, there is surely a difference.

3. Lastly, the worst part. Are viewing angles suppose to be this bad on LCD's? All the notebook displays I've worked with isn't nearly close to this bad. I'm looking at the LCD dead-on, and if I move my head over to where my eyes are dead on with the right or left edge of the LCD, I can clearly anything that is colored "white" change shades from bright to a yellowish red.

Is this LCD defective?

Any input would be great.


P.S. 1 dead pixel on arrival, but it's a green dot that's barely noticeable.