Is my new computer running too hot?


Limp Gawd
Feb 21, 2004
I just bought a 939 Athlon FX-53 with ASUS A8V Deluxe board and when I check the BIOS my idle temperature is about 55 C on the CPU and 38 C on the motherboard. Is this too hot or about right? Any input appreciated.
That sounds pretty hot to me. Do you know what temp you run under load? Thats usually a bit more indicative of a problem. If thats over around... 60C (which it looks like it probably would be), then you could start running into some problems down the road.

38C system temp??? That is pretty hot, maybe you should get a better case or just better case fans.

I got my RAIDMAX case two days ago and I was getting 36C system temp under load for a few hours and then I replaced the low CFM 80mm fans with higher CFM Antec fans and I get 32C under load.
I have 3 case fans and the case is a Lian Li PC-V1000. I have the Thermaltake AMD K8 Venus 7+ Highest Performance Cooler for AMD Opteron A1770. My NVIDIA software reports an ambient idle temperature of about 46 C. Not sure what I should do.

How do I figure out the load temperature?
My system temps are around 40C.
My Cpu's are around 55-60C full load.

Air temps are around 35C in my cottage so I'm only 20-25C above ambient which is not bad.
So if your as warm as I am then your not bad.
If your ambient is only 15-20C then you need better cooling.

Luck......... :D
I've been getting the same temps with the same config (FX-53/AV8.) I did some research, and I came across a thread on the Abit forums where a bunch of people were reporting inaccurate temperature readings. Apparantly it's a problem with the mobo and not with the HSF or it being seated incorrectly.
If you think it the mobo reading wrong then take the case side off and usea room fan to blow air into the case.
Any difference in temps?
If only a degree or two then it probably your board reading high.
If a lot then check airflow in your case.

Luck......... :D
could be the mobo's onboard temp sensor is giving out high estimates of temperature.

I know my bro's unoverclocked barton 2800+ doesnt go 70 under load, but the mobo says it does. I installed the heatsink, i put the system together, i reccommended the case fans. but still, the mobo says 70 under load. I even installed it again to make sure, and sure enough, same temp.

i dont put much stock on onboard temp sensors. They're good for comparative estimates (before/after) but they arent good for comparing temps against other comps, even other comps with the same board.
I'd stick a regular thermometer in the case...up toward the middle someplace. Then, I would close the case for a few minutes before I checked the results. If it reads more than around 10-15C over the temperature of the room, I'd get busy working on the case. Then, I'd expect the processor(s) to run around 10C over that.

Like so...
I think that may be the best advice. Your case temp MUST be close to the ambient--or at least it should be (if you wanna stay cool).

Obviously, if you ambient is 80F (26C's) or more, then running 30C's isn't so bad. Of course, if you're running 40C's (case temp) and your ambient is 26C's, then you do have a problem.
It's a balancing act for sure. Fans are tricky beasts, too. Sometimes, if you put a more powerful fan where you think one should go, it will pull air away from another fan, and your temps will actually go up. Also, an inch variance in placement can make a drastic difference. It can all be damned frustrating, but there are tricks. One is to mount fans in cardboard, so you can try temporary placement. This is good when you have a side fan in mind. That's one reason so many guys like to have a baybus. It is a good thing to keep a box of fans around in different sizes and ratings, too. It's part experience, and a lot trial and error...and sheer luck.

It helps if you have a well designed case, of course...and you do. Pretty is, as pretty does.

In any event, your new rig isn't complete until you work on that case. A Lian-Li is an easy one to fix. That's the good part.
I found a utility with my mobo that allows me to monitor the temperature over time. It shows my CPU temperature getting to within 10 C of the threshold value (72 C) when I'm playing a taxing game. Will this be a problem down the road?
splooger said:
... It shows my CPU temperature getting to within 10 C of the threshold value (72 C) when I'm playing a taxing game. Will this be a problem down the road?
In a word?​


I don't see any way around it, you are going to have to fix your case, so it will cool better. You have good stuff, and you have gone this far. Let's call it the final touches, or whatever, but you have to face it. The thing is running too damned hot. If you think it out, maybe you can cool it down without making it louder, but maybe you'll have to add more, or bigger, fans...maybe a better heatsink, too. It isn't the end of the world, however. It's just that the build is taking a bit longer...that's all.