Is my Enermeax Infiniti bricked or just being a dick?


Jan 15, 2010
Power surge the other morning. The computer and monitors are connected via a surge protected 4-gang, but it won't boot. I've managed to diagnose the repeating two-beep error code as coming from my 720w Infiniti (not my motherboard) and meaning that it is in PSU protection mode or some such.

I'm not able to find any way to deactivate this mode, however. I have been able to find out that I can hit the button next to the (solid red) LED on the back to shut up the beeps, but actually getting it to unclench and resume working is beyond me.

All other components tested and working. I just want to be absolutely sure that the Infiniti has shat the bed and can never un-shit before I splash out on a replacement, and the wording in the manual makes it sound like this mode can be disabled. It just doesn't offer any information about how.


Mar 30, 2007
I've got the same power supply, had a similar issue a while back. Turned out to be the fan was dead. Had to replace the fan with a 140mm one since the 135mm fans are scarce as hens teeth. Been working fine ever since.