Limp Gawd
Jun 23, 2005
First off My Specs.
msi k8tneo 2
x23800+@2.4 240X10 (1.4v) max load temp=45
1X512 generic memory
1X1gigaram 1Gig stick Both at 166 divider 3-3 timings 2t enabled
x800xl 256 agp driver version 6.14 @420/530 max temp=61
wd 80 gig ide
dvd rom
sound blaster augity4
network card
dail up card : ( i know its only temp)
2uv 12 inch lights
2white 12inch lights
1X top out
1X fount out
1X side in
1Xrear in
Cpu Zalaman 7700cu
Logisys (PS500AC) 500-Watt Power Supply

My problem slowly started but i never noticed till recently. I get random lockups, I have tryied to find a pattern to these lockups but there isnt. i can game for 3 hours and be fine then ill quit,come back in a wile and mess around and it will lockup at any giving time. Some times right before it locks up the screens goes off like if i was changing the refresh rate but it dosent change it. I checked the temps on both cpu and graphics card both are ok. iver installed all the duel core patches,fixes,optimizers. and still getting lock ups
i think maybe it might be the fault of the graphics card? or could it be i dont have enough power?please any help is needed

i know i can overclock my processor more but im not willing to till i resolve this problem


Feb 14, 2005
I dont nkow but it may possibly be your Power supply,

this is what i found for your psu volt ratings.

Power Properties
DC Output +3.3V @ 28A, +5V @ 34A, +5VSB @ 2A, +12V @ 14A, -5V @ 0.5A, -12V @ 0.8A

14A isnt a lot to provide for your system.


Feb 14, 2005
To be honest no clue, all i know is that i have dual 18A 12 volt rails on my PSU. There are calculators out on the web that help you decide how much voltage ur psu shuold provide. I hope someone else can answer ur question.


Dec 16, 2003
14A means the PSU delivers 14 amps of power on the 12 volt "rail" - 14 is pathetic low...

its also not so much the rating...but if someone can afford that caliber of hardware, they should be able to invest 100 bucks in a name brand PSU to power it all.

i'd use some sort of software to find out what the voltages are on your system. you may be able to do this in BIOS for your idle and then load windows and stress it a little and record the differences. you should have rails that are within 5% of thier rating i believe. if they are within that tolerance and stable, it is likely a non issue...however if they flucuate wildly, get that thing out of your tower before it takes your system with it...i've smoked several "500w" and "550w" power supplies that were off brand. according to the rails they were powerful enough...and the rating of 500-550w was certainly enough, but all it took was my one single barton core XP 2500+ clocked to 2200 for about 20min and POOF...bye bye PSU...

replaced it with a Antec NeoPower 480w modular unit, and all of a sudden my overclocks were a ton more stable, and i reached a new higher speed...system ran fine till i dismantled it to put the XP into the soltek Qbic i have now. the little thing will run it at 2300mhz no issues...all on its little 200w about a beefy PSU...imagine if these things came with the same quality, but a 500+w rated PSU....quad SLI wouldn't be an issue...haha


Fully [H]
Jun 10, 2005
Have you tried enabling "VPU recover" in the ATI control panel? Tried disabling it?

reinstall windows?