Is it possible to set custom DPI scaling for different displays in Windows 10


Aug 25, 2008
So I've got a 27" 2560x1440 display and a 65" 4K TV connected to my PC running Windows 10. At the distances I watch the TV definitely needs DPI scaling to have a usable desktop.

However the issue is with the 27" desktop display. Even though I keep mine closer than some, I find that text is just a bit too small to be comfortable to read at 100% scaling and the next option, 125% is too big. If I use the custom DPI scaling option in Windows, setting it to 110% is the perfect size to keep it readable while not reducing desktop space much and I don't find anything gets blurry either.

The problem is that if I use custom DPI scaling setting, then it applies to both displays and there is no way to set it separately.

Is there a way to set custom DPI scaling for just one display and use the normal option for the other or to set two different DPI scaling options for each display? I don't care if it's thru registry or whatever, I just want to have <125% scaling on the 27" display and 150% on the 4K TV.