Is it possible to play audio from Android Tablet to PC speakers using Bluetooth?


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Feb 2, 2005
Woke up today to find that my kitten chewed through the audio connector I was using to connect my Samsung Galaxy tablet to the Realtek line in on my PC. Before I go out and buy a new cable, I was wondering if it possible to somehow stream the audio from my tablet to my computer speakers using Bluetooth. I have connected the two devices, but in my audio settings don't see the tablet shown anywhere in my playback devices, and no options shown for Bluetooth audio. I should add that I am just using the default Windows Bluetooth drivers, and not the drivers provided by Gigabyte for my Aurous Master X570 motherboard as I have found manufacturers drivers tend to break more things than they fix. Just wondering if this is possible to do. Using Windows 10 version 1909. Thanks!


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Oct 7, 2000
you have to make sure you have the device drivers installed for your tablet and BT, not just the generic windows ones and make sure it supports A2DP. then when you pair them you should be able to stream it. if you were using a regular 3.5mm audio cable you can get one for a $1 at a $1 store...


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Nov 1, 2012
I'm not sure about Win10 but at least in Win7 it was not possible to use BT audio without purchasing a BT stack upgrade. MS didn't include audio support for some weird reason.


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Sep 29, 2001
I just tried it with my setup and there is no option on the PC or the tablet to send audio to the PC.
the cast option in the Tablet only shows the Google Home Mini's and my Pioneer AVR.
I tried with my iPhone as well and the iPhone only shows my Apple TV's and my Pioneer AVR.

I know back in the Windows Vista/7 days I bought a bluetooth app that allowed more features for BT connected devices but I can't remember what the program was called.

In this image, selecting call audio turns it on and then it turns off right away by itself.

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