Is disc Id always accurate? Is it commonly spoofed? Verbatim Blu ray m discs


Apr 2, 2021
I ordered some verbatim m-discs from multiple sources recently. amazon, Newegg, b and h, and ebay(mediawholesaleonline), (very popular 99.9 percent positive reviews seller). i realized, the discs that came from ebay today, have a slightly different data layer that has more of a purple reflection and is noticeably slightly different than my other discs. the discs are identical besides that, and in img burn disc id and all disc specs are 100 percent identical as well as disc id(MILLEN-MR1-000). did verbatim change manufacturing process? is there a foolproof way to identify real discs vs fakes? is fake optical media even a thing these days? can the disc Id be spoofed?