Is Battlefield 4 worth buying


Fully [H]
Dec 2, 2004
Those tech support guys at least have a path upward. The cries of "vote with your wallet!" on gaming forums never works at all. Forums are flooded with that stuff every time there's a new Call of Duty, Madden, or Halo game and they keep outselling one another time after time.
You have to at least get someone's attention and retail certainly doesn't seem to ever work.

Retail doesn't work because most of us are happily playing, and just buying the new ones because we enjoyed the last one. People with major issues are in the vast minority, just a very vocal one. Since you represent a tiny subsection of people who buy these games, no, they aren't going to ignore 99% of their player base just to placate forum whining. Yelling at tech support guys is only bothering them, and no one else.... talk about a silly way to try to get your message across, when they have nothing to do with your annoyance. Go ahead and continue calling for boycotts, the rest of us will be buying and playing, having fun while you sit pouting!


[H]F Junkie
Nov 1, 2012
Most people are too dumb to realize the problems as problems and just happily keep chugging away. This is the real problem - too many ignorant people are willing to pay for shit.


Jul 23, 2007
I personally just keep hoping I'll recapture the fun I had with this franchise many years ago on BF2 so I bought it.

But it's not happening. Did the same thing with BF3.