Is all 110 degree FOV the same?

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  1. funkydmunky

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    Aug 28, 2008
    All the first gen (+) HMD's claim 110 degrees FOV. In the video bellow a Oculus Rift is compared to a Samsung Odyssey+ at the 5:00 mark. The difference is quite dramatic I would say being 25%+ larger for the Samsung Odyssey.

    The Vive Pro and the Odyssey use the same Samsung displays (with the Odyssey having additional anti-SDE tech). Anyone know of any comparison or have first hand experience in regards to those two displays FOV?
  2. RazorWind

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    Feb 11, 2001
    Short answer: No.

    I have owned all three of the headsets you mentioned. The FOV figure they give is based on some assumptions that aren't valid for every user. Ultimately, the headset's field of view may be 110 degrees, but your perception of it is likely to be a little different thanks to the variable distance between the lenses and your eyes.

    The Odyssey+ and Vive Pro provide a "better" experience by placing the lenses closer to the eye, whereas the Rift's lenses are a little further in. As a result, the Rift is a little more like looking through a pair of binoculars than the Vive Pro and the Odyssey+. It's actually adjustable on the Vive and Vive Pro - you can recess the lenses pretty far away, ostensibly to accommodate glasses. When you do this, the perceived FOV does get narrower.

    I get the sense you're justify the purchase of an Odyssey+, here. If I'm wrong about that, I apologize.

    If I'm right, though, I say go for it, assuming that your IPD is at least 64mm, you have a PC equipped with at least a 1080 Ti, and you're cool with the weak tracking of the hand controllers. The Odyssey+ is horribly uncomfortable in its original form for me, but there are accessories available now that can make it much more tolerable from VRCover and others. The thing that killed it for me is that the IPD only goes down to 63mm, and it causes eye strain for me, because my IPD is 61mm, according to my optometrist.
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    Dec 23, 2007
    Now that Odyssey+ has reignited my VR usage, I'm curious to try a Pimax 5k+ to see what it's high FOV is like - it goes up to 170 but consensus seems 150-160 is sweet spot before too much distortion by going any further.

    Unfortunately there aren't exactly Pimax's hanging around BestBuy or Frys for test drives so it means buying one...
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    Same for me, but the o+ is so good I don’t think I’d tolerate a lower quality image for more fov.