Is 1080p gaming CPU or GPU bound ?


Dec 21, 2004
I was wondering if gaming at 1080p 144hz CPU or GPU bound? Or a little of both? The reason I ask is because I heard that you should spend at least half of your budget on the GPU For example if my budget is 1000 $ my GPU should be at least 500 of that, is this correct?


Nov 2, 2016
Let's not discuss pricing, it's pointless because I have no idea how much of the system you already own. Instead, let me tall you the minimum parts you will need to make this work:

It depends on the games you want to play, but for most of these AAA games you want to buy an RTX 2070/Radeon VII to get 1080p as close to 144hz as possible (at high quality level), and at least a 9600k/2600x to drive it. (around 125-150 fps in most multiplayer games). YOU NEED BOTH CPU and GPU for it to happen

I think the hardest decision to make is deciding between AMD and Intel. About the only game that shows a noticeable advantage for Intel is BF5.

Yes, You tend to spend twice as much on the GPU when high-performance gaming is your primary focus, but you can always go bigger on CPU. It will give you more fps in some titles, and give you a longer usable lifetime out of the system - at the cost of more money today. But the above is the MINIMUM you have to buy to play today's AAA games at 144hz, and next year's games at 120hz.

To figure out the right balance for whatever your budget is, you should never give up on CPU power - it's modern 6 cores or nothing. But you can always drop your video settings down to medium or low, to make up for a cheaper RTX 2060. The video card is much easier to upgrade next year.
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Oct 29, 2013
Bit of both, but typically lower res = more stress on CPU. Higher res = more stress on GPU. As a general rule* not always the case, game dependant. Also depends on your gear.

If your main goal is gaming, the 50/50 approach will typically give you the most gaming performance you can get, as ultimately GPU is more important than CPU for gaming.

As above though, really depends and which camp you wish to go. Intel still technically wins for most games, but for me as an example at 1440p 16:9 I moved from a 4690k to Ryzen 2600 and am happy. I didn't really lose any single-threaded performance, but I gained a lot of threads, and my overall desktop/usability experience has gone way up.


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Apr 4, 2004
Different games are different field me apex legends was GPU limited and overwatch CPU. You often just look at bench Mark's to get a sense of the games you are interested in.