ipod touch - search for music?


Limp Gawd
Feb 15, 2007
Is there a way to search for music by title or partial name rather than having to scroll through artists or albums, thats really annoying.
i prefer music>artist>album for finding stuff on my ipod...but i guess that's just me.

you can search the whole ipod...for partial anything, and you can scroll by song alphabetically. i think that's it.
Do you have the latest update or even 3rd gen iPod?

You can search for anything on it by sliding your app page to the page just before your first app page. you can even set to what you want it to only search in the settings.
ok, i see. use the spotlight feature, got it.

was looking for something inside the music app but guess that doesn't exist. using spotlight is fine with me, i just didnt want to have to exit out and go back in, etc.
I don't know about previous versions of the OS, so you may want to make sure you're up to date (3.1.3) but in my iPod app all you have to do is scroll the page down and the Search bar will reveal itself on top.

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