iPhone XR WiFi issues after unlocking


Oct 1, 2003
Not sure if anyone else has this issue with iPhones, but the WiFi on my XR won't work for about 10-15 seconds after unlocking the phone. I'll get a notification (like new email), open up the email app, and then it stalls for a few seconds before it either times out or finally reconnects. If I unlock my phone, then immediately disable and then reenable WiFi, it works fine. It tends to occur when I don't use my phone for a while, then unlock it.

I haven't been able to find anything searching around the web, so I was wondering if anyone here has encountered anything like this.
Haven't experienced this on any of my iDevices.
Maybe restart the phone or reset it.
I had flaky Wifi on a dev beta a while back (iOS 14.1 maybe- and it was confirmed/resolved through the Feedback app) but generally would go with a reset (but first maybe think about a backup to iCloud, or local).
So far so good. I had one instance where the issue seemed like it reoccurred, but I wasn't sure if it was an issue with my mail app. I'm going to hope it doesn't pop up again.

I have NordVPN so I'm actually wondering if I set it back up will the issue will come back consistently. I always left the VPN off until needed, though.
The issue is definitely back. It's odd in that I'll get a notification for something, unlock my phone, and then it says it's connected to WiFi but internet is not available. I'd say that my router is a potential weak point, but this has happened on two different routers and my wife's iPhone 8 works fine.
Update for anyone who experiences this: Disabling WiFi assist under the cellular settings seems to have fixed my issue. It claims it kicks in when WiFi connectivity is poor, but I am literally sitting 4ft away from my router with full signal strength. 🤷‍♂️