iPhone 13 Coming

Was waiting to see what the 13 was going to be like before deciding whether or not to upgrade my wife from an XR to a 12 or 13. Thinking the 12 will be good for her. I'll be sticking with my XR for another year or so, will probably get the battery replaced though.
I was thinking about it. Need to see the minimum focus distance of the main camera first. The mfd on the 12 Pro max is poop. Have to use the telephoto lens as a compromise, which is meh quality for that use case. The macro and 2cm focus distance is the thing that for my attention. The 120hz screen is a bonus, but not something I’d trade in for a year old 12 PMax for.

I usually keep my phone for at least 4 yrs or until it starts feeling sluggish. If the 13PMax gets that focus right, I’d be happy with it for 4 yrs. reviews reviews reviews…..