iPad passcode recovery


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Oct 24, 2005
I need to recover a passcode on an iPad.

Its my daughter's iPad and she's 7. My other daughter (she's 9) showed her how to change the password, and she changed it and forgot it.

We are on the family plan, and I am the one who set it up. They have to ask me before they install anything, so I have the default parental access.

With the access I have, how can I get into the iPad?

If y'all need pictures, I've posted pictures of them over the years here.
So assuming the kids really doesn’t know it (and having similar aged ones I believe it), I believe it gives you just two real options to move forward.

The first is as long as you set up Find My on it, you should be able to go into iCloud and issue a remote erase and then proceed with either setting it up as a new device or a backup that you preferably would remember the passcode.

Barring that being possible the next would be forcing it into recover mode. Then you connect it to a computer to essentially do the same erase and either set it up as new device or restore from backup.

There is also a restrictions setting (now in Screen Time settings) that prevents the passcode from being changed without the passcode used for restrictions. I’d recommend using it in the future along with managing all the other settings it can allow/disallow.
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Easily recovered if you are willing to erase the device and know the logged in iCloud account if "find my" is enabled.

As the message above mine says just put it into restore mode and wipe it. It will ask you for the iCloud password when you go to set it back up.