intel z68 ?


Nov 10, 2005
Hi I am currently running an asus rampage gene II matx motherboard. with 6 gigs of ram and a core i7 920. Up until a few months ago i was watercooling with SLI gtx 460's. I decided to make the switch back to air because it was less maintenance but the problem was the 460's i have have the asus direct cu heatsink which is too large for the slots on my matx board. Im trying to deicde if i want to spend the money getting a gtx 460 2 win or just upgrading my rig to a z68 rig. I would have to get a new case as well because my current case is a p180 mini.

Other options i thought up were getting after market heatsinks being the scythe setsugen but reviews werent too great on it. I could also go with another x58 board but would still have to buy a bigger case. Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated.