Intel x520 - getting 1.5 GPS


Dec 20, 2010
Hi All,

so i was expecting to get above 5GPS between my vmware box and my windows 10 desktop but looks as though I'm only getting 1.5 MAX

I used my vmware thick client to access a point to point network (SFP runs directly between the hosts) and did a file transfter. Windows showing 1.5 MAX receive.

inside the vmware host, i have an Intel x520-da1
inside the windows 10 host i have an intel x520-da2.

granted, this is not the final design for the intel x520-da2 will be used in a freenas box and each vmware host will run directly connected to to that freenas box via the SFP cables. However, i wanted to do some testing before i went balls deep.

the host file is stored on an SSD within the vmware host
the file is being copied to an SSD within the windows 10 host.
the computers are directly connected via the intel x520-daX cards.
MTU is set @ 9000 (tried default 1500 and no different)

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