Intel Wifi Link 5100 AGN internal card drops connection (HP DV7T)


Sep 12, 2008
We have fairly new HP DV7T laptops, with the internal Intel Wifi Link 5100 AGN card..

We have been through 3 access points at this point, i just now confirmed that i dont think our issue is access point related, at least not the type etc...

Frequently these laptops will suddenly not find ANY networks (wireless ones) to connect to..

Other laptops (dell, asus, iphones) still work fine during these periods.

I've tried playing with configuration settings on the nic itself with no luck.

Currently we have a Dlink Dap-2553 access point.. set to the 2.4ghz mode (since we still have devices that need 2.4ghz)..

I'm not sure what to do to prevent this from happening, short of using express cards, which we dont want to do..

Anyone else ran into this?