Intel RAID 1...HDD to SSD swapout?


Dec 14, 2018
I know it is not recommended to mix HDD and SSD, but has anyone ever took an Intel RAID from 2x HDD to 2x SSD by just swapping out 1 HDD drive at a time wth SSD and rebuilding between each swap?

I've done it with HDD when moving to larger drives on numerous occasions going from 2x 1TB to 2x 3TB and then those same 2x 3TB to 2x 10TB years laters. I used this procedure both times with no issues.

But have never attempted to go from HDD to SSD using the same procedure because of the mix of HDD/SSD that would be needed for a small amount of time before the final drive swap.

And yes I know backing up and restoring would be wiser, but I'm adventurous. Besides, backup and restore can bring its own set of issues. And I would just create a new array and clone over before doing the backup/restore route anyways.

This is more out of curiosity than anything else.
I have done this before with no issues. A better way would be to create a new array using the ssd's and clone the old array to the new array. Then when the process is finished delete the old array.
The only thing to be wary about it to upgrade your BIOS and RAID OROM prior to starting. There were some issues with the older intel RAID OROM which created alignment/offset issues with one or both of the ssd's, screwing your performance. That later versions of the OROM do not have these issues (And no, I do not remember which version it was where they fixed it.)