[Intel] Noticeable FPS gains going from DDR4 2400 to 3600?

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Mar 30, 2004
I currently have 2x8gb G.SKILL ripjaw DDR 2400 (15-15-15-35) for my gaming PC, with the rest being a 6700K @4.7ghz/ Gigabyte Z170 HD3P/ Radeon 5700xt. I saw this TechSpot article where it details out how much ram can help Ryzen, but we already knew that. For my setup, specifically my older mobo, would there be any noticeable FPS gains going from my DDR 2400 to a say CL14 DDR 3200/3600? I am for 1440@100 in all of the games I play, and I mostly get it but not always.

I know there are reviews that say ram is irrelevant for intel gaming, but those are years old and the graphics cards being used are like 7th gen nvidias.

Incidentally enough, yesterday in my bios, I set the ram to 'Relax OC'. Booted up Jedi Fallen Order, and my fps was reduced by half, it never went about 35-40. I set it to Normal as well as Enhanced Performance, and the framerate went back up to the normal 90s.

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