intel D975XBXLKR and overclocking


May 25, 2005
i considering a couple of MB for my next core 2 build . i do need to get a decent OC out of it.

i am considering the gigabyte DS-3 ,asus p5b, the DFI infinity 975x the MSI 975x and i have been seeing a few good deals on intel d975xbxlkr's . now overclocking and intel don't normaly go togeather . but i've heard that with a little conductive ink mod that this MB can do very well.

i would like to have a MB that can at least do 400fsb . not for this build but for future attempts . the MB that suits me best is the asus p5w-delux but there just too rich for me .

a 965 mb can do what i need but i sort of like the 975s and crossfire .

has anybody worked with the intel 975x MB that can give a few pointers on overclocking with it ?

thanks-jr :D


Fully [H]
Feb 1, 2005
From what I've seen, you can barely beat the DS3 board for the E6300/6400. If you're running E6600 and above, look at the P5W DH.

I've used the DS3 and it won't go much above 370 or so FSB with the E6600, but it'll take a 6400 up to 3.6Ghz or more :(. P5W DH seems to be the best clocking board right now for the E6600, although the AW9 Max board from Abit might be very nice once it's widely available.