Intel Core i9-10900 (Comet Lake-S) 10-core processor pictured up close and intimately personal


[H]ardness Supreme
Dec 19, 2005
Anyone interested in some ES Comet Lake-S parts?

"The CPU leaked by Xfastest is the non-K variant of the Core i9-10900 CPU. This is the fastest 65W TDP processor in the Comet Lake-S lineup. The K variants are all rated at 125W, so a 65W 10-core CPU should be an interesting competitor to Zen2.

The slides leaked by Informatica Cero more than a month ago do mention that the CPU features a base clock of 2.8 GHz, while the sample from Xfastest is labeled as 2.5 GHz. That said, either the slides posted by IC are inaccurate or this is a different (an early) sample of the processor.

Intel 10th Gen Core series will require a new socket, which is LGA1200. According to Xfastest, the socket will be compatible with existing LGA1151 coolers, so they might fit, but will still need to be rated for 125W power for the K-series.

The site promises to provide extensive tests of the Core i9-10900, but no date was given.

The new series is expected somewhere around March and April."