Intel CEO Bob Swan Discusses the PC Market and More


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Apr 10, 2003
Intel CEO Bob Swan was interviewed by CNBC's Jon Fortt at the Mobile Trade Congress where he discussed topics such as the PC market, 5G, FPGAs, and more. While Intel won't have 5G chips for modems available right away, we should expect to see them the second half of this year. These are slated for applications in smartphones, automotive industry and more. Intel expects to corner 40% of that market over the course of the next few years.

A recent Financial Times article questioned Intel's investment spending binge. Some investors think that Intel is spending too much on R&D in various markets, but new Intel CEO Bob Swan countered that with this statement. "If we want to play in a much larger market we're going to continue to invest more in R&D, there's no question about that," he said. "We don't want to get too penny wise and pound-foolish so we don't invest for the future." He also discussed the need for Intel to "bring computer memory closer to the processors." Mr. Swann noted that Intel's traditional strength lies in its process technology and this would give Intel an advantage in memory chips.

Intel's efforts to move faster beyond its core business of making processors for PCs and servers has brought a surge in spending. It has spent heavily on memory chips, GPUs and modems for wireless devices, while also paying out more than $30bn in the two biggest acquisitions in its history. The spending has weighed on its finances. R&D and capital spending jumped from a combined $12bn at the start of the decade, or 27 per cent of its revenue, to $29bn, or 40 per cent of revenue, last year.
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Intel has to spend on R&D - otherwise, they will be dead in a few years. They are having to play a bit of catch up right now with AMD.