Intel Brings Amazing Experiences to Red Bull X-Fighters 2016

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Dec 31, 1969
Intel and Red Bull announced plans Tuesday to bring new excitement to the annual Red Bull X-Fighters freestyle motocross competition by offering athletes and audiences new insights into the amazing feats of sportsmanship performed at the event. Intel and Red Bull will use Intel® technology to bring new data about the athletes’ performance to our screens in real time. The data gives the audience a new perspective on the athletes’ performance and represents important information for coaches and athletes to optimize their training.

Intel and Red Bull’s media company, Red Bull Media House announced a global partnership that will extend into multiple genres and platforms in January at the Consumer Electronics Show. This is the first example of what the partnership is bringing to change the audience experience. As part of the digitization of sports, Intel technology was also integrated in snowboards at the X-Games in Aspen in January and in BMX bikes in Austin this month.