Intel 10700K 5.2ghz @ 1.305v, temps seem decent during real world use, can I run it 24/7?


Oct 8, 2020
CPU: 10700K 5.2ghz @ 1.305v (52x CPU, 49x Ring)
MB: MSI MAG Tomahawk Z490
Ram: Patriot Viper 4400mhz cl19
Cooler: Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer II 280

I've always done my overclocking by trying to find the highest clock speed I can run without having to increase voltage. This is the first time I've upped the voltage and I have a few questions regarding running 24/7 while overvolted.

Attempting to answer this question via Google searches tells me that I got a pretty decent chip here. What I can't seem to find is the nominal vcore setting for a 10700K, so I don't know how much "extra" voltage I'm giving it. Link to Intel's 10700K Specs

My 10700K required 1.305v to get stable for anything using AVX instructions. Non-AVX stress-testing was stable at 1.290v

With my vcore at 1.305 in bios (showing 1.306 in HWINFO) my temps reached 96c in Prime or OCCT, which is obviously not ideal. After 20 passes of Cinebench R20 my temps peaked at 85c. After 3 hours of World of Warcraft my temps were only at 60c.

I can't imagine any games I play will create temps like Prime or OCCT but I can't afford to replace my chip either, so I'm trying to be smart. Being that this machine is exclusively for gaming, is a vcore setting of 1.305v and the temps it brings going to be detrimental to the longevity of my processor?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.
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Apr 16, 2018
Theres always a bit of a risk to longevity when ocing. You seem to have a solid understanding of what is safe for your proc.
I agree your voltages and temps look good. Nothing to worry about if stability is solid.


Apr 28, 2007
High temp with high voltage is worst case for wearing a CPU out fast.
You have neither.

I've been running my 6700K at 1.408V to 1.44V with a custom loop 24/7 for 4.5 years. Max temp non AVX around 60C, gaming around 50C.
I'm not the slightest bit worried.