Integrated Lan works on vista but no xp.. wtf?


Apr 20, 2007
Hey well i got a compaq presario sg2000, it's infected up the butt. So i wouldn't struggle i grabbed a spare hd and installed xp pro on it. Now everything was going fine until i installed the lan drivers. I got the drivers from the compaq site which would seem pretty reliable, but the damn nic doesn't work! hardware manager shows there's an issue with the drivers, and well those are the only drivers i can find.

Oh and the weird thing is, this machine came with vista basic. So i grabbed my copy of vista and installed it just to see if that would work and it did! but i don't have sound on vista and there aren't any drivers for the integrated sound.

How the hell can an integrated adapter work with vista but not xp? doesn't that break like a common sense law? or is this mobo from another dimension where vista actually works? hehehe any clues?

btw this is the nic that's on the mobo realtek rtl8139/810x ethernet adapter
maybe its a IRQ issue. but im willing to bet its just about finding the right drivers.
well i reset everything on the bios so i doubt it's that. I googled my butt off and the only relevant drivers i could find were the ones that don't seem to do nothing. What's a good site for driver download? Usually i just go to the makers website or google will yield good results but, this time i went to the maker's site and those driver's dont work.
Yeah, they have all the drivers for xp including the one that didn't work. For vista they just got a firmware update for the dvd burner that comes with the machine. Also realtek has the same version of this driver, and yeah still not working.