Integrated Active Backplate for nVidia


Feb 23, 2020
Just wanted to bring this to your attention.

These integrated active backplates GPU waterblocks, They dont fit in the first PCIE SLOT on X299 motherboard.

Also, if you have VROC HYPER RAID card in your second 16X PCIE slot, YOU MUST TURN IT OFF in the bios before, otherwise
you will have no display output.

I had to drain my loop after installing my

Bykski Full Coverage GPU Water Block w/ Integrated Active Backplate for nVidia Founders Edition RTX 3090 (N-RTX3090FE-TC)​

Then I had to put in my 3070 watercooled GPU into slot 1, and re-install Windows on my CPU Lane NVME ram slot thingy.

Now i have some franken non-SLI setup, because I wanted to make sure the new card worked, and i didnt want to drain the loop a 3rd time and rebuild the 3070 onto fanheatsink.

Fun times. It works now tho! 5.5amps, and about 650 watts 170MH/s.