Installing updates after a fresh OS install


Limp Gawd
Sep 22, 2008
Hey everyone, just did my second fresh install of Vista in 3 days. The first one i forgot to delete all in my HDD and had some files left over. I found my mistake the second time around but both times i did not see a place to let it install updates for a couple hours. I always remembered that before.

I know i can also do that later but it seems i can't get all of them at once. There was 120 updates at first, then 1 to 5 every time i check after that. It was the same way both times i did the install. I haven't even got the SP2 update yet.

I always go to the Windows page and hit "check for updates" first. Why wont it just give me the rest of them all at once instead of stretching it out over the next week?