Installing new fonts


Limp Gawd
Jun 18, 2003
My girlfriend is taking Yoruba this semester and the teacher wants all the papers typed in the yoruba font. She was given a zip file with a .suit file and instructions on how to install. The instructions were:

• Download Yoruba SANS FONT for Windows by clicking on Macintosh option of “Yoruba Sans for Macintosh or Windows”. Save the “yorubasans.hqx” file to your HARD drive.
• Open the File and Extract the Suit file.
• Drag the Yoruba.suit file from the Hard Drive to the System folder

There are two system folders, one called just System, and another called System Folder. She put a copy of the suit file into each and fired up appleworks and the font isnt there. The teacher just told her to use another PC, which to me is stupid. Anyone have any idea on how to get this font to work?



Limp Gawd
Sep 20, 2004
there are actually three font locations in osx.

and ~/library/fonts.
links only work in safari... i think ;)

"system folder" is the os 9 system folder.

try making two copies of the font and putting it in these three places.

im not 100% on this, but i think you can put the font on the desktop, double click it and then once fontbook opens up you can click "install font" in the lower right of the little popup.

good luck.