Instagram May Add Voice and Video Calling


[H]F Junkie
Apr 25, 2001
It appears that the code for voice and video calling is embedded into the code of the Android Application Packages for Instagram. Based upon this information it's easy to see that Instagram is getting ready to add these features to their product. I'm not an Instagram user, but I imagine these features would be something a current user would find useful. Keep an eye out for this if you and your friends use Instagram.

The addition of voice and video calling would make Instagram a better chat alternative to Snapchat, which first launched video calling in 2014 and enhanced the feature with easier access plus audio and video notes in 2016. It’s actually surprising Instagram hasn’t launched these features already. Beyond Stories, Instagram has been working hard to leapfrog Snapchat with new features like replay privacy controls that Snapchat lacks.
This is why we can't have nice things. Why does a photo sharing platform need to provide voice and video chat, there are already a zillion voice and video chat platforms that do that and don't do the same sort of photo sharing. Every app does not have to be everything to all people - this is what makes them huge, bloated, and buggy. Hell might as well add text messaging and a spreadsheet while you're at it. Feature creep - just say no.
The less Facebook wants to be the better for me as it's already trying to be too much.