Insane modding potential...

Eh... seems a little overpriced to me.This screams mod to me. I bought one for my current project, and for $40 shipped, I couldn't be happier. An all-aluminum case that's sturdy and easy to work with.
HitMan-sC said:
Eh... seems a little overpriced to me.This screams mod to me.

Although that case doesn't look too bad in it's stock for, it looks like an OEM case. Atleast it looks better then those Dell cases. :)

I would mod it alittle but nothing too drastic.
Even though it is a bit overpriced, I think the case I posted has more modding potential. If they were the same price, Ide get the one I posted.
CrimandEvil said:
I just wish they didn't have a PSU in there.

lol, take it out?

It does push the cost up though... ghey.
Tengis said:
lol, take it out?

It does push the cost up though... ghey.
LOL I'm just saying it could have drop $20ish off of the price without one.
eh i choose skyhawk....removable mobo tray, easily disassembled case, removable harddrive rack, power supply rack man this thing has many features for less, not to mention that its aluminum :p
Bah, the "ridgy" panels and top alone make the case original. The plastic just adds another canvas to work with... jeez... I didnt say it would be easy, I said it was INSANE! :eek:
It screams SOMETHING alright.

Sorry, just not my cup o' tea. Not really digging on the 1970's Jack Tripper toaster combined with a 1950's June Cleaver breadbox look.

Just me of course. I'm sure someone could make a very impressive looking mod out of it... as a rule though I don't usually buy cases that come with PSUs since I'm going to toss them anyway. Also, not digging on the front facia or the textured side panels. Additionally, not enough exposed 5" bays for any of the builds I do.
My 86Lb compaq proliant 5500 server (not rackmount, it was a tall tower case) was hinting at some modding potential. The thing is friggen huge. Came with a 750W PSU, two 120MM screamin' fans that were windy as a hurricane. With only two 5.25" drive bays, and 4 hot swappable drive bays in the front, it had plenty of modding potential. Not sure what, but the potential was there. Most likely a big mobo, watercooling, and a boxfull of CCFL's.

I wish I had'nt sold the thing.
Im modding that skyhawk case right now! It's a wonderful case for less than 40 shipped.

Im not doing anything too crazy....Some paint and some cutting....Adding a small oval shaped window as well cutting out the back fan grill. Awesome case for the money!

I'm going high gloss black with all blue led fans. The whole thing will be deep black on bright blue.....Overdone it may be, but i think it looks nice :)
Hmm... That skyhawk case does seem rather nice, especially for the price. However, I can't help but wonder what I could do with one of these, lots of cutting, a bit of brazing, some bondo work, and a nice paint job... (inside and out) :D