Inland Professional SSD -good or bad

not bad, I've had a few of the inland premiums and would give them high praise for the price. The inland drives can also be found on amazon if you want to read some reviews.
Some of the models are good, some of the models were good and then they changed the hardware. I've got an Inland Professional 2.5" Sata 1TB ssd, purchased in 2019, which has terrible latency; it can get ok throughput scores if you really parallelise, it's pretty awful for a desktop. I don't know how to tell for sure, but some reviews said it's slow because it's dramless, of course, I read a long time after purchasing. It was cheap for the size when I got it though, so there's that. Inland tends not to offer firmware updates or utilities. I would consider them again in the future, but I'd read reviews carefully before deciding, and go with other credible options if possible.
I've always had good results with the PREMIUM line of nvme drives with PHISON controllers.
The naming is confusing as platinum and professional are inferior to premium.