IN WIN H-Frame Mini


Jul 20, 2007
ChipHell (in Chinese) has a good report on this very nice looking case with lots of great photos (go to the Chiphell article for many more.) A few interesting notes:
  • The glass side panel is an included option
  • 40mm fan on PSU is apparently slow spinning and quiet (not sure whether to believe that really.)
  • PSU is 180W peak load.
  • The Chiphell reviewer tried a half height graphics card with a big heatsink but it wouldn't fit.

H-Frame Mini @ IN WIN website
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thought of building one similar to this long time ago ,

Looks pretty unique and looks nicer than their full size alternatives. 8.1L is quite big though.
Nice! Already saw the ATX version of the H-Frame and it was already on Newegg briefly for $400. Hopefully the ITX version shows up soon and ends up actually affordable.
Whatever the price ends up as I don't expect it to be cheap, all of the special editions (x-frame, h-frame, d-frame) have been quite pricey. The KingSize H-Frame might end up with a jaw-dropping price tag, so at least by comparison the Mini might look like a bargain.
I'm thinking those plates are going to collect dust. How easy would that be to clean? Not very I'm thinking.