In need of 21:9 MSI MAG341CQ vs AW3418DW


Oct 13, 2008
My S2716DG is running fine and I don't have issues with it, but after playing a bit with different 21:9 it's just different beast, not only for gaming, but for my home office too, as I can easily put few browser windows word and such around and see everything on them

I also now play mostly casually, so no competitive Battlefield or MMOs But I do enjoy my laid back Division 2 session with same minded people.

I was foxed on getting Alienware, but I read a lot of issues about not being able to get 120 hz, and usual IPS thingies, like blb and such (and no, acer version of that panel is out of question I'll never willingly trust anything done by Acer and their quality control :D) There are also reported issues about screen quality with MSI too - people wrote about dead pixels and such.

But then I noticed that MSI. Price wise its no brainer. In Poland its bit higher than half of Alienware price ($650 vs $1130) It is supposed to be compatible with Gsync and if Navi delivers (or anything after it) I'd have no problem in being tied to single card brand.

I dont really care about AW fancy stand, LEDs and such, but I wonder if the picture quality and general quality is "worth" paying another $500 extra.

Ill be using screen for word processing, occasional picture editing (nothing professional tho) Web browsing and gaming - RTS, RPG, might try some shooters from time to time.. Will there be any bad ghosting / trailing issues with that VA in faster gaming? Or just go Dell, hope for good blb levels?
It looks like it's a 100Hz VA panel? For $600ish, it looks like it could be a pretty good deal. Half tempted to put one next to my S2417DG...