Images of the Nintendo 64 Classic May Have Leaked


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Aug 20, 2006
Twitter user @nachoypistacho has uploaded images of what is supposedly the Nintendo 64 Classic from an unnamed, inside contact. Some believe these are just clever fakes due to the port design, however, which seem both fragile and impractical.

…the pictured extending old school socket doesn't seem like something Nintendo would do, as it would be very fragile and thus potentially a problem for it. The NES classic notably had something similar, but it didn't pop out nearly that far. Meanwhile, the mock controller ports, which have been cut from the picture, would essentially prevent you from inserting the controller. So, there's that as well.
That looks exactly like the port from the bottom of a Wii Mote, only rotated counter-clockwise.


Something about the images don't quite look right. The shadows around the ports are a little too fake, and the lighting doesn't seem consistent. I don't question the actual ports though - they look consistent with the NES and SNES classic consoles.

Now, these could be early mockups from within Nintendo or just overly-processed advertising material. I think we all know this console is coming, so I'm not doubting its existence, just the veracity of this leak.

I'm definitely looking forward to this release as my launch day OG N64 stopped working last year.
I think they're saying the little plastic bit that covers the wiimote port looks too long and fragile. It's longer than the one on the SNES classic, but I don't think it matters. I would be really sad if that broke for about two minutes, then happy that I nevne had to deal with it again.

The real questions are -- since they clearly need a new board to support 4 controllers, did they swap in a nicer processor? Also, where is the Gameboy classic?
I have an Ultra-HDMI N64 /w everdrive.... But I will probably pick this up like all other mini consoles that these companies are pumping out. I'm a sucker for this shit...
My son was asking for one of these for Christmas. I see now the thing isn't out of the 'rumors' stage yet.
I don't care what it looks like, it could look like the original Xbox for all I care, I just need it to have 4 controller ports and to include GoldenEye 007
This is the only classic I want, hopefully I can snag one early at retail and not 6 months later when they decide to make more after the first wave inevitably sells out.