I'm guessing it's the powersupply..


Oct 13, 2004
I decided I would see whats left of my old (well.. 10 years ago or so.. :p) computer and see if I could make a server.. it's a 500MHz celeron OC'ed to 900MHz (66MHz FSB -> 100MHz FSB :p ) GeForce2 MX 64mb.. SBLIVE pci card, netgear 10/100 PCI.. Crative Labs DX.. something decoder card.. + 2 HDD's, + DVD rom + CDRW.. now I have no ideal what the rating is on the power supply (didn't have time to pull it out last night) but it has a total of 5 plugs for drives.. 2 cd-rom, 2 hdd, and 1 floppy (which is why I'm betting it's the power supply)

Anyways, when I have it plugged into the HP CD-RW the computer doesn't POST.. when it's not plugged into it, it boots up, but locks up when I'm tring to install Ubuntu LAMP server (at various points) - then when I restart it, the PC speaker makes a siren sound..

Soo.. power supply?
Well.. it's beeping excatly like a siren.. high pitch, then low pitch, then high pitch... etc :p I'll throw in a new powersupply and see if that fixes it :)
I don't believe that it would relate to the PSU. I mean, would a CD drive put that much strain on the power supply on startup? Perhaps if you were booting a disc from it or something. As long as there isn't anything in the drive, however, I can't imagine how the CD drive could put a significant load on the PSU on startup.

Something like a HDD, on the other hand, would have a significant load on the PSU because of the power required to
perform the initial spinup of the discs.

I think that it's more likely that something is wrong with the motherboard.