im at CES and stopped by patriot's booth


Jul 5, 2005
looks like they've already got ddr3 chips in production. ill upload the pics tomorrow, don't have a usb cable on me at the moment. not sure if this is old news or not. talked to the rep a bit, he said they'll be running at 1.5v and follow the same trend of ddr -> ddr2 of faster speeds higher latencies. but he did say something like it's not about the timings but about the capacity, so we'll probably be seeing higher capacity sticks.

of much more interest:

GEIL is currently developing a new heatsink with their high end gamer ram with the option of running them passive or water cooled built in w/ the heatsink :eek: they'll also take power directly from the psu instead of through the motherboard, and have a little knob for changing the voltage directly instead of needing to go through the bios. you drooling yet, eclipse? (and the rest of you overclockers :p)

possibly more to come, i was only able to go through about a fifth of the expo today.

*edited* - the ram sticks heatsinks are still too thick to be placed side by side, which is why they're not out yet. o, and i forgot to mention they're heat-piped cooled.

86 5.0L

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Nov 13, 2006
the OCZ watercooled sticks are old news, not sure about the patriot bit