iFi Nano iDSD Black label DAC/Headphone unit


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May 7, 2005
I wanted to upgrade the $30 Fiio Taishan DAC that was feeling my modded (the cheapy opamp in the amp section was upgraded to a OPA2777) Creative 2:1 speaker setup and maybe give a boost to headphone output too. Had some inheritance cash sloshing about so went looking for something interesting.

So in the end I got the Nano Black Label and I love it. Looks cool, works just how I want it. The line level feeds into my speakers if I need them and the two headphone outputs give me a broad easy level of compatability. One side for subtlety and the other for higher output. This thing really has some oomph.

I doubt I'll ever use it mobile but through my workstation it's fantastic. I was so enthused I bought a pair of KZ ZS10 Pro IEM's as I had never tried them (they have got soo cheap over the years) and once I got the right tips it was such a leap forward.

So if you are looking for a no fuss, simple setup that still gives you options check it out.

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