If you had to pick a display from Best Buy...


Apr 12, 2006
Which of these choices is best? (22"+) I opened a gift from work and plan on exchanging it for a larger one since I can no longer get a refund. I don't really want to spend more than $300. I do some occasional gaming, TF2/BF2/WoW, as well as occasional image and video editing.

I realized after I opened and tested out the 20" LED backlit gift that my CCFL backlit monitor has significant yellowing, which is why I wanted to pick up an LED one this time around. Is there any significant downside to doing so?

One of the LG 23" IPS monitors is what was recommended to me, and what I have found to be one of the better choices through reviews.


Just bought the LG 23" IPS today. It was on sale for $200, which I think is a fantastic price. Picture quality is great, although there is a decent amount of backlight bleed on the right side. It's only really noticeable against a black background. I can't comment on the stand, since I"m not using it. It also has a limited feature set (no usb or card reader). All in all, for $200, I think the LG IPS is an awesome deal.
I can't get a refund so I basically already have ~$100 sunk into purchasing from Best Buy, otherwise I would just get a decent one from elsewhere.

LED/CCFL has nothing to do with the yellow tint, if a monitor has poor default color accuracy it can have any kind of color cast. LED Advantages=power savings+thinner bezels vs CCFL.

Stay away from the LG IPS panels if you want to game, they have very slow response (50% slower than the IPS Dell U2311H) times and use aggressive AG coating which will make whites+light colors look grainy/dirty.

Review of the LG IPS231P (same panel used in the IPS2361V)

PRAD Review of the IPS236V (German)

Go into BB and check out the Asus VE258Q (the 278Q gets good reviews) or HP 2511x if you want a glossy screen.
I saw a Samsung LED TV in BB the other day with pretty much no bezel at all. Makes my Sony with a 3 inch bezel looks pathetic.

Definitely gonna grab a LED monitor when the bezels go the way of the LED TV's.
Can't stand glossy screens. Not sure where the yellowing came from then, as this monitor had nice whites previously. It figures that the LED filter on their site is wrong and removes those ASUS monitors.
I bought my beloved HP 2509b from Best Buy for $200 and absolutely love it.

I'm a fan of Best Buy. They have insane prices on video cards but you can find a lot if stuff at Newegg prices all the time. I bought my power supply there for $10 less than Neweggs price for example.

I also like their mouse and keyboard return policy. You can exchange them as many times as you like for 30 days. That's very nice.

So they are expensive on some things but if you shop around, you can find some good deals. Sometimes they're on their website but a different price on the shelf but they will match their online price where most B&M stores wont.
re: Best Buy / Future Shop return policy:

If you buy a monitor from Best Buy and you find a single dead/stuck pixel, can you return it for a full refund within 30 days, or do they just give you store credit?

What about Future Shop, can you return the monitor for a full refund within 30 days?
re: Best Buy / Future Shop return policy:

If you buy a monitor from Best Buy and you find a single dead/stuck pixel, can you return it for a full refund within 30 days, or do they just give you store credit?

What about Future Shop, can you return the monitor for a full refund within 30 days?

14 days for monitors. You have 14 days to return it for a full refund.
I don't know, if I were you and you want an IPS monitor, I would say the IPS236V isn't a bad choice. I was in a similar situation to you, as I had a gift card and decided to just use it and save some money instead of ordering online. I really like the actual screen on that monitor, it had good colors and fantastic viewing angles, as most IPS monitors do. Also, the contrast and brightness levels were better than some other IPS monitors I have owned. As to what someone said above about input lag, I don't know I didn't really notice it. IMO, a lot of people on here like to quote reviews about input lag tests when monitors are cloned with a CRT, but in actual use, the results aren't nearly as bad as the numbers would seem to indicate. And all I really use my computer for is gaming and writing the occassional paper, so I certainly have a lot of experience with situations where ghosting would present itself. I play lots of different types of games, and a lot of FPS games, and I never had any problems with it for the 2 weeks I used it. I don't know, maybe I'm just not very sensitive to ghosting/input lag?

Ultimately though, I ended it up returning it and going with the HP 2509b that someone else recommended. However, this had nothing to do with the actual monitor. It was unfortunately the stand. It was ABSOULTELY horrible. I can't stress how much I disliked it. You could only make small tilt backwards and forwards, no vertical adjustment at all. But as annoying as that was, that was far from the worst part. What was ultimately the killer for me was how WOBBLY it was! Granted, my computer desk isn't just a big concrete slab, but it isn't really shaky under any other conditions. But the monitor would shake/wobble in the stand just from me typing on the keyboard. Even just hitting a few keys while gaming, it would still do it. It was like the stand was too small, it didn't secure into the bottom of the monitor well enough, and who knows what else.

Now if you are going to use a VESA wall mount or some other 3rd party monitor stand solution, then I would recommend it. But unless your stand is completely stable, IE with no wheels or thin legs or anything, then beware. Honestly, I would still go pick it up and see if you have any issues with it, cause if you don't, then it would be a great monitor. Hopefully I have been some help. :)