If I leave Comcast, how can I keep my Comcast email address? without paying through my nose?


May 26, 2021
There have been many times over the years when i have just been royally p-o'ed at Comcast, but the thought of changing my email address really scares me. If I switched ISPs, can I keep my comcast email address? How?
I'm suspicious of people who use their ISP email address.
Some internet forums used to require a "real" e-mail address to register, i.e. no yahoo, gmail, hotmail, other free email services were allowed. You were expected to use your ISP email as a deterrent to kids, trolls, & multi-accounting. Also when Facebook started it was only open to university email addresses.
According to Comcast, you should be able to keep using it as long as you access it at least once every 9 months. https://www.xfinity.com/support/articles/using-email-only That actually seems surprisingly generous of them. I would still get something like a Gmail address and start switching as much stuff over as possible.
Nice answer about Comcast.

Gmail is one big festering privacy sore, as are all the rest of the "free" services offered by Google. Hard to know if Google or Facebook is the worst privacy bad actor. Both are pretty terrible.
I lost my address, and I needed it back because it was a default to get a password from a site I used a LONG time ago.

Called Comcast and they reinitiated my old email. However, it wiped out all my emails. But, I reset my password and logged right in.