IDF: Woodcrest beats down Opteron like a mangy flea-ridden dog, benchmarks to follow


Limp Gawd
Mar 1, 2006
Will be interesting to see some server-level benchmark results on the new architecture:

Intel Woodcrest server leads AMD Opteron 64 server in performance test
Wolfgang Gruener - THG
7 Mar 2006 21:21

San Francisco (CA) - In the first head-to-head match-up for performance supremacy between AMD and Intel processors, staged by Intel, in quite some time, an AMD Opteron 64-based Sun Fire X4200 server running at 2.4 GHz, was placed against an example of a future HP ProLiant server running Intel's Woodcrest platform. We're compiling the final figures for you, and will have the raw numbers available soon, but the final tally graphs shown at IDF do not bode well for AMD, with what appeared to be as much as one-third better performance, by early indications.