Ideas for unused 32" TV? ...Pics of office area...

Feb 10, 2012
I am a very amateur welder and built my desk around my 42" TV as a multimedia center for my small bedroom. I was given this nice Sony TV - completely due to the missing stand and damaged wall mount hardware.

My office is run off of a Dell laptop (i7 8gb RAM, 1TB HDD, nothing too special). What I also have hooked up to the 42" is rabbit ears and my PS3, which I use occasionally for games but mostly for Netflix. We do not have cable or satellite tv. There are no extra video out ports on my Dell - just the one HDMI. Almost not worth mentioning, I have a small ASUS laptop that's no better than what I imagine a chromebook being (it runs windows 10), with which I take on trips away from home.

I don't have much area to work with. I have even thought about making a mount to hang it from the ceiling. Obviously I don't mind taking the back off of the Sony and rigging something up to mount it, but I really just don't know what I should do with it. Do y'all have any ideas for me to re-purpose this thing, short of donating it or giving it away myself?

32" Sony Bravia LCD, 1080p (I think)


Hook up indoor and outdoor ip cameras and have them display on that full time. Then you can chase them rascals off your lawn or off your car.